2020 Audi Order Guide

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Acura has active the TLX auto for 2021, with a renewed focus on dynamics and a aciculate new attending to match. It will face off adjoin the toughest affluence chic out there: the bunched action auto segment.

5 Q5 Canada Order Guide and Config Online - AudiWorld Forums | 2020 Audi Order Guide

5 Q5 Canada Order Guide and Config Online – AudiWorld Forums | 2020 Audi Order Guide – 2020 Audi Order Guide

5 Q5 Canada Order Guide and Config Online - AudiWorld Forums | 2020 Audi Order Guide

5 Q5 Canada Order Guide and Config Online – AudiWorld Forums | 2020 Audi Order Guide – 2020 Audi Order Guide

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5 All New 5 Audi Order Guide First Drive for 5 Audi Order .. – 2020 Audi Order Guide

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Supercars Gallery: 5 Audi A5 Order Guide | 2020 Audi Order Guide – 2020 Audi Order Guide

There’s no curtailment of competitors here. The Audi A4 is best agnate on paper, ahead alms front- and all-wheel drive and now aloof the closing as allotment of its own 2021 updates. But there’s additionally the added Germans in the appearance of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW’s 3 Series. Alike attractive accomplished Deutschland however, there’s the handsome brace of Volvo’s V60 and Alfa Romeo’s Giulia. There’s acceptable acumen to accommodate both here, but with Acura’s declared ambition of a added agitative drive, we’re activity with the Giulia. Alfa adapted the car for 2020, and its Stelvio crossover sibling, with bigger infotainment and higher-quality autogenous fittings.

A heads-up early: while we’re aflame to get abaft the caster of the TLX Type S and its all-new 3.0-liter turbo V6, we’re activity to be absorption on the four-cylinder models here. The acumen is two-fold: Acura hasn’t appear abounding capacity on that archetypal yet, and it launches later, in bounce 2021.

With that, let’s get bottomward to how the 2021 Acura TLX endless up adjoin the blow of the affluence action auto bazaar on paper.

Acura has continued straddled the bunched and mid-size segments in agreement of admeasurement with the TLX, and that continues with the additional generation. It stretches 194.6 inches nose-to-tail, authoritative it at atomic seven inches best than any of the competitors. The abutting is the Audi A4 at 187.5 inches, and the beeline is the 182.5-inch continued Giulia. Wheelbases are abundant closer: the Acura clinches it with a 113.0-inch axle-to-axle measurement, but aggregate abroad is aural two inches. The Merc is the narrowest of the quartet, advancing in at 71.3 inches. The Bimmer is a little wider, advancing in a tenth shy of six feet, with the ascendance adjustment actuality A4 (72.7 in), Giulia (73.7 in) and TLX (75.2 in). Every one of the sedans is 56-and-a-bit inches in height; Acura might’ve baldheaded a bit off the top for the second-gen TLX, but the Audi is lower still.

With the Acura on top in best every dimension, you’d anticipate it’d be the accessible champ in the amplitude race. Not entirely: Acura hasn’t appear alone head-, leg-, and accept allowance ambit yet, but the 2021 archetypal assets aloof 0.1 cubic-feet of absolute autogenous aggregate over the antecedent model. Application the 2020 model’s abstracts as a yardstick, TLX 2.0 could avowal the best advanced legroom and accept allowance in both rows. Allowance was on the lower end of the spectrum afore (37.2 / 36.7 inches), so unless the seats are army abundant lower in the new car, we can’t see it assault the Alfa or BMW. Maybe leave the hat at home. The continued wheelbase should accord the TLX the added amplitude in the rear to bout its rivals, which all affection 35 inches and change aback there.

On boilerplate the BMW is the best spacious, and that extends to a bright advance in block space. The 3 Series boasts a absolutely massive (by comparison) 17.0 cubic anxiety of storage. Put addition way, that’s over 40-percent added allowance than the aboriginal boots of the bunch, the 12.0-cubic-foot holds of the Alfa and Audi. The TLX sits in additional abode acknowledgment to its 13.5 cubic feet.

Supercars Gallery: 5 Audi A5 Order Guide | 2020 Audi Order Guide

Supercars Gallery: 5 Audi A5 Order Guide | 2020 Audi Order Guide – 2020 Audi Order Guide

Okay, so the bristles cars are all absolutely a little altered in agreement of the band measure. That pales in allegory to the assortment beneath the hoods. There’s a 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder, and… oh.

We joke, but these are all awfully stout—and frugal—powerplants. The atomic able of the accumulation still puts out 255 application and 273 lb-ft of torque, which are the sorts of numbers that would abash a Mustang V6 of aloof 10 years ago. They all are appealing agile of foot, too: the Germans all dust the 0–60 mph birr in beneath six seconds. The Alfa is the quickest, which is expected: it has the best ponies, the best torque, and is aloof 27 pounds added than the lightest car (the Merc).

We don’t apprehend the TLX to out-sprint the animated Alfa, at atomic not in any four-cylinder trim. The TLX will accept actual advantageous stats, with 272 application and 280 lb-ft of torque at its disposal. Those numbers aren’t far off the 2020 model’s V6 outputs, so with SH-AWD, we apprehend it to maybe dip hardly beneath that car’s 0–60 times, which hovered about 6.0 abnormal even.

The TLX uses a acceptable automated transmission, the aforementioned as every added one of the cars except the Audi. Like best four-ringed models, the A4 uses a dual-clutch transmission, with seven gears. The TLX trumps the others in arduous cog count, with ten gears; the Merc comes with nine, the Alfa and Bimmer eight apiece.

At the pumps, the 330i xDrive is the ascendant champ of the accepted all-paw sedans, scoring a 28 mpg boilerplate and up to 34 mpg on the highway. The others are all appealing close, with the Alfa bringing up the rear with a admirable 23 city, 31 highway, and 26 mpg combined.

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We don’t see the TLX burglary the acme from the Bimmer. Acura hasn’t appear EPA abstracts yet, but we’re assured the 2021 car to acreage about abreast the accepted 2.4-liter model’s 23/33/27. The new turbo agent has added power, but it additionally has added cogs to assignment with. For reference, the RDX with the aforementioned drivetrain array 21/27/23.

We don’t apperceive abundant about all the appearance of the 2021 TLX yet. We do apperceive its axial infotainment awning is a 10.2-inch item, which absolutely makes it class-competitive. The brand’s True Touchpad Interface is actuality for duty, application the aforementioned “Absolute Position” bureaucracy as in the RDX. We were carefully optimistic back we collection that archetypal in 2018; it could be a solid bureaucracy for the TLX.

It’s up adjoin some annealed antagonism however. Baton of the backpack is the A4. Audi’s MMI arrangement is the best intuitive, and back it’s abutting by the agenda barometer cluster, it’s a peach. The 2021 amend adds wireless Apple CarPlay, which is additionally accessible in the Bimmer. Speaking of, BMW’s iDrive is abutting on the list: it’s addition actual all-embracing system, admitting not absolutely as easy-to-learn as the Audi system. Unfortunately, the Merc is saddled with the brand’s last-generation COMAND system. If it had the MBUX setup, like the new A-Class, we’d amount it abundant higher. That will accept to delay for the next-generation archetypal in a year or two.

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Meanwhile, the Giulia is a agrarian card. We didn’t adulation the aftermost system, but Alfa has adapted it for 2020, aiming to advance usability. Mercifully, it’s now a touchscreen, the airheaded are customizable, and a accepted 8.8 inches across.

Every TLX will access with the AcuraWatch apartment of assurance and disciplinarian assists as standard. This includes the accepted automated emergency braking, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise ascendancy (with a new Traffic Jam Abetment function), blind-spot ecology and a disciplinarian acquaintance monitor. The added cars all affection these in some anatomy or another, admitting abounding are alone accessible as options or as allotment of packages.

The accepted TLX has a huge amount advantage over the competitors here. That’s acknowledgment to a angular nat-asp four-cylinder agent and front-drive, however. Acura is befitting quiet on the exact amount of the 2021 TLX appropriate now, alone adage it will alpha in the “mid-$30,000 range.” With all-wheel drive, a abundant added powerful, turbocharged abject engine, and a best accepted affection list, we apprehend the new archetypal to arena in abreast the accepted TLX V6 SH-AWD. The cheapest way into that car appropriate now is $39,225, including $1,025 in destination charges.

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Even with the abject amount jump, the TLX should be the amount baton of the pack. The next-closest adversary is the Audi A4. In 45 Quattro trim, it stickers for $41,895. In ascendance order, it again goes Giulia ($42,695), 330i ($43,745) and C300 ($44,395). The Germans all appear with a $995 destination fee; the Alfa, $1,295.

As mentioned before, the options lists of the added cars are lengthy. If you appetite all the latest tech and assurance features, apprehend to bead a few thousand more. Acura will be absolution added advice on the TLX’ bales afterpiece to its autumn release. We do apperceive the A-spec backpack will return, with added advancing exoteric administration and different 19-inch wheels.

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2020 Audi Order Guide – 2020 Audi Order Guide
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