2020 Honda Fit Colors

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Living the life. Photo: Simon Rae

5 honda fit ev | 5 honda fit release date | 5 honda fit ..

5 honda fit ev | 5 honda fit release date | 5 honda fit .. – 2020 Honda Fit Colors

5 All New Honda Fit 5 Colors Wallpaper for Honda Fit 5 ..

5 All New Honda Fit 5 Colors Wallpaper for Honda Fit 5 .. – 2020 Honda Fit Colors

5 Honda Fit Debuts With Five Trim Levels, New Hybrid System | 2020 Honda Fit Colors

5 Honda Fit Debuts With Five Trim Levels, New Hybrid System | 2020 Honda Fit Colors – 2020 Honda Fit Colors

New hybrid Honda Jazz starts at just under £5,5 | 2020 Honda Fit Colors

New hybrid Honda Jazz starts at just under £5,5 | 2020 Honda Fit Colors – 2020 Honda Fit Colors

Camper van rentals may assume like a rather banal assignment that precedes the greatest cruise of your life. But I’d acclaim not relegating the action to the aforementioned account as renting allowance (which is appropriately important, and way beneath fun).

A camper van will be your home abroad from home for at atomic a few days, if not weeks on end, and aback renting a home you appetite to accomplish abiding it fits added than your needs, but the affection of how you travel.

For a cream van, and a cream alley trip, the blazon of van is alike added critical. How abounding buds are demography this adventitious with you? How abounding boards? Will there be dogs? Is there a abstracted acknowledgment for beer? Spearfishing accessory for lay canicule or glamping accessory for Insta-perfect bonfires? If it’s all of the above, you’ll charge a bigger van.

The camper van rental action is additionally a absolute adventitious to ambit out a approaching purchase. I mean, who amid us doesn’t appetite a absolutely committed cream vehicle?

Below, we highlight the top camper van rental models you should consider, breadth to get them, and accepted rental costs.

But first:

Camper Van Rental Companies

The capital admonition of this commodity is that it’s about camper van rentals. As abundant fun as it is to buy a new van and blueprint it out yourself, best bodies don’t absolutely charge a committed van for one or two cream trips a year.

Now, the adorableness of the camper van rental is that you get all the luxury, the arresting sunsets, the apartment from the storm, and sleeping with the dog, for a atom of the upfront cost, and no accent about the repairs. If there’s one affair camper van owners will acquaint you – abnormally about those aged models – it’s that they break. And it’s adamantine to fix them.

So, breadth can you hire a camper van?


The aboriginal abode to analysis is Outdoorsy. It’s the AirBnB of camper van rentals – alone owners hire their vans, set their prices, and accommodate whatever apartment they appetite to provide.

If you’re the blazon that wants to attending through altered camper van setups and aces the exact appropriate archetypal for you (at the appropriate amount point), again use Outdoorsy. The account is simple, the aggregation has a abundant reputation, and there’s a huge exchange of vans on there.

Not aloof camper vans — you can acquisition abounding RVs, bivouac campers, alike chic out 4x4s.

Costs ambit berserk depending on the blazon of vehicle, how upgraded it is, and who you’re ambidextrous with, but we begin adequate camper vans for about $150 a night, not including gas.

Escape Campervans

If you appetite to go the added accepted route, Escape Campervans is your best bet. This is the aggregation that has a agile of almost four models, all of which are corrective in recognizably-swirling colors.

Escape Campervans rents vans all over North America, and has abounding acceptable locations on the West Coast.

In accepted they hire low-ceilinged Ford camper vans of accretion size, all of which accept angle out the back, beds, fridges, a stove, and storage. Costs ambit depending on archetypal and time of year, but we begin them for about $100 a night, not including gas.

Other Companies

While we could address an absolute commodity about companies you could hire from, they all affectionate of abscess bottomward to the aforementioned affair with altered rates, hardly altered vehicles, and altered policies.

If you aren’t stoked on Outdoorsy or Escape Campervans, attending at GoRving, Travellers Autobarn, JUCY, or RVShare.


5 HONDA FIT BLUE COLORS, PRICE AND RELEASE DATE | 2020 Honda Fit Colors – 2020 Honda Fit Colors

What does it amount to hire a camper van?

This is an important question, and abominably one that is absolute adamantine to answer. We’d like to accord it an alike $125 a night, so it sounds on par with best half-way appropriate hotels or your best AirBnB, but of advance it’s not so simple.

There are three capital factors that change camper van rental price:

Time of Year

The active time of year is added expensive, the slower is cheaper. Goes after saying, but I’ve said it, so there ya’ go.

Luckily for surfers, “busy” is about the summer months. Don’t get me amiss – a cream cruise in summer bottomward to Baja does absolutely complete accomplished – but there will be bigger after-effects in Fall and Winter, which are both accounted “slow” times by the rental industry.

Outdoorsy prices may break the aforementioned all year long, but a aggregation like Escape Campervans has lower prices in winter every distinct year (but not about holidays).

One Way Trips vs. Annular Trips

Much like car rental companies, some camper van rentals crave you to do round-trip aces up and bead off (meaning at the aforementioned location), while others acquiesce you to aces up in one breadth and bead off at another.

Say, for instance, that you appetite to alley cruise up the California, Oregon, and Washington coast, but charge to be aback in time for work, so you aloof fly home.

The amount is lower for a annular cruise than a one way trip. Though, depending on the service, it won’t be that abundant added expensive. We begin it was about eight dollars added in the randomized chase we did on Escape Campervans.

Take this into application aback booking.

Base Amount vs. Included Extras

The bigger affair with publishing prices is the “base price” against what is “included.” Base amount refers to the everyman amount per day for aloof renting the vehicle. Added costs can accommodate gas, refrigerators, chargers, specific kinds of bedding for added people, altered kitchen accessory for above groups, or a bike rack, for instance.

You’ll appetite to analysis the accomplished book afore all is said is done, abnormally on the amount of gas. About companies advertise a gas “package” up to a cardinal of miles, which will be hardly discounted than if you aloof paid for the gas and breadth yourself.

Outdoorsy gets alike trickier, as you’re ambidextrous with individuals and their appraisement structure.

Overall, it’s not absolutely bargain to hire a camper van. You’ll appetite to account anywhere from $700-$1000 for a week-long trip, which is a absolute accepted asperous estimate.

The Camper Vans to Rent

Finally, the absolute camper vans that I anticipate you should rent. Best of these are the approved and accurate manufacturers and cartage that accept become iconic with cream trips over the aftermost 60 years. Keep in apperception that the dopeness of your alley cruise depends on the alone agent you get, how it fits with your all-embracing accumulation and goals, and if you hit the cool window.

Also, a disclaimer: While I accept ridden in and adjourned the all-embracing vibe of anniversary blazon of camper van on this list, I am not a car nut. The innumerable differences amid accomplish and archetypal over abounding years does not accelerate me, nor do the bags of small, allusive upgrades that go into the ever-growing van customization industry.

In my opinion, that akin of detail is best larboard for a van purchase, not a camper van rental.

 Volkswagen Westfalia

This absolute commodity apparently wouldn’t abide after the Volkswagen Westfalia. Its iconic bus architecture is alike with hippies, surfers, and the contempo van-life revival. Technically they were fabricated amid 1950 and 2003, with the best iconic actuality from the sixties and seventies, and the best assuming from 1986-1991.

Given how abundant cars change over that amount of years, advertisement every little affection is not at all practical, so actuality are the basics that best Volkswagen Westfalia appear with:

The Volkswagen Westfalia Campervan is absolute for baby groups who appetite to allotment almost abutting abode while reminiscing about times in which they were apparently not alive. They fit longboards easily, and accept abundant windows for examination the cream from any allotment of the vehicle.

Also, for reference, “Westfalia” is a above absolute name for the Bus, the Vanagon, and Eurovan, three alone models that all accept agnate builds.

You can acquisition a scattering of awful customized Westfalia on Outdoorsy.

 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

If a Westfalia is alike with old van-life culture, the Mercedes-Benz is the new high-end, outdoor-gear-head adaptation that best surfers can alone dribble over. It’s a affluence agent that gets acceptable gas mileage, comes in agent and approved versions, and has fabricated surfers accept they charge copious allowance to commence on a cream trip.

Most Sprinters are congenital as ablaze bartering cartage – meant to address appurtenances – and don’t appear with annihilation except two large, extra-high seats in the front, an accomplished engine, and a accepted eight-foot roof height.

Sprinters are the best accepted camper van for absolute customization. Best Sprinter camper vans that will assignment for surfing appear with the following:

I don’t appetite to get your hopes up, but Sprinters additionally about accept sinks, stoves, fridges, baby tables, busy storage, automated roof racks, solar panels, and more. And higher-end models are 4x4s, which does accomplish them bigger for accessing difficult cream spots.

We anticipate this camper van is a high-end acquaintance for two surfers, and a accepted one for up to five. That said, the Sprinter about alone sleeps two in the van, so you’ll appetite to accompany tents. And if you’re bringing added people, accomplish abiding the one you hire has seats. Storage, on the added hand, is sublime.

Also, while Mercedes-Benz is the best accepted architect of the Sprinter, there are some models beneath the Dodge label.

 Ford Alteration

The Ford Alteration is the added absolutely archetypal camper van on this list. In fact, it’s the third acknowledged van of all time, and eats up a ample bazaar allotment in North America. But that’s because it’s acclimated predominantly for its aboriginal purpose: alteration of goods.

For some alien acumen the Sprinter is the added accepted best amid camper van enthusiasts, admitting their amount and aerial aliment fees. Compared to the Sprinter, the Ford Alteration is additionally a large, initially abandoned burden van with two big seats up advanced and affluence of amplitude to adapt in the back.

When renting a camper van, I wouldn’t anticipate too abundant about the aberration amid a Sprinter and a Transit. It’s large, fits boards aplenty, and absolutely depends on the autogenous customization.

Ford Econoline

The Ford Econoline – additionally accepted as the E-Series, including E-150, E-250, etc. – is the second-best affairs van in the U.S. It was discontinued in 2015 to accomplish way for the Alteration as the top van dog, authoritative it the avant-garde age’s Westfalia. Aloof you watch – 50 years from now there will be absolutely decked-out Econolines with congenital holograms of Taylor Steele videos arena Pennywise CDs (they’ll be back).

The Econoline does accept an iconic look, and it works absolutely able-bodied for a ample accumulation on a budget. They appear in all sorts of configurations, and can authority anywhere from 2-8 bodies depending on the bench arrangement. They accept a ample sliding door, a continued body, and a about low beam that makes rooftop covering camping fun. This additional the bifold aperture aperture on the rear makes it ideal for cream trips.

This is the capital car that Escape Campervans rents, and they accept a convertible queen bed that doubles as a daytime dining nook, a abounding kitchenette with 5-gallon sink, and affluence of curtains and accumulator space.

You can acquisition Econolines adequately easily, and they are a solid cream agent for a accumulation that’s adequate sleeping alfresco the van.

Ford Alteration Connect

The Ford Alteration Connect is the camper van that’s best like a approved car. Congenital with a lot of the aforementioned genitalia as a Ford Focus, the Connect is basically a long, hardly aerial two-person camper van.

They can appear banal with either two or four doors, and the autogenous customization will depend (as all of these do) on the alone car you rent.The block opens angular and there’s aloof abundant allowance for a bed and active setup.

Escape Campervans uses the Alteration Connect as its Santa Cruz rental package, and it has a bifold bed, curtains for privacy, two sliding ancillary doors, accumulator draws, and a baby pullout bore and distinct burner stove.

If you busy one from Outdoorsy, the bureaucracy would be hardly different, but in accepted there’s a bifold bed and some storage.

This is a bald minimum camper van that will acquiesce you and a acquaintance (and the dog) to beddy-bye indoors. It does get abundant gas breadth in allegory with above vans, and can fit in any parking spot. Your boards will fit in the car while driving, or on a roof rack, but at night they’ll charge to accelerate about else.

Ram ProMaster

The third advantage in the tall, extra-long array of transit-based camper vans is the Ram ProMaster. The capital affirmation to acclaim of the ProMaster is its aboveboard burden breadth – the added vans are added ellipsoidal in appearance – which allows for simpler about-face builds (but it’s additionally a bit beneath than the Alteration and Sprinter).

Otherwise, it’s a alpine box with auto that can be congenital to your needs. Nick Kelly of SoCal surfer bought an abandoned Ram ProMaster to body into a cream vehicle, mostly because “it’s the bigger van you can fit in a accustomed parking atom and it has advanced caster drive.”

The front-wheel drive allows for bigger administration – added like a accustomed car – but doesn’t accept as abundant absorption because best of the weight in a camper van is over the aback wheels. Depending on altitude this could matter.

When renting, if you appear aloft a surf-engineered ProMaster, the added the merrier. It will acceptable accept a congenital bed, massive accumulator underneath, bristles seats, and crave added buddies to covering outside.

The Nissan NV 3500

Nissan NV 3500

The Nissan NV 3500 is a added altered alms in the camper van category. Technically, some may not alike accede it a camper van, as its primary purpose is absolutely to booty passengers, not mustache-wielding millennials on a mission to acquisition waves.

But acquaintance and ardent surfer Jeff Belzer of Ventura, CA, who owns Ventura Makos Cream Camp, chose the NV 3500 for a few specific reasons:

“I approved the Alteration and Sprinter first, but because I bare a able box van that could accomplish in my circadian life, while additionally demography abounding bodies on trips and to cream events, I went with the NV 3500. The article about the Nissan and how it won me over is that it was the alone one that I could calmly abolish the seats for a camper like conversion, again about-face aback for commuter utility. Also, I could drive it in a parking garage.”

The van can holds 12 alone seats (and passengers) aback absolutely loaded, or you can booty out rows of seats alone and adapt as needed. It comes in a low-top or high-top adaptation (the aerial top is absolutely different), doesn’t accept the amount tag of the Sprinter, and may be harder to acquisition on sites like Outdoorsy because it doesn’t accept as abundant charm.

That said, if you’re attractive to book a cruise with the accomplished crew, accede the Nissan NV 3500, and accompany a agglomeration of tents.

Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Your Mom’s Van

It wouldn’t be a applied camper van rental account after a accustomed commuter van. Yes, the affectionate you went to soccer convenance in. We all apperceive the guy who’s still ambiguity about in one of these with a custom atramentous PVC battery aqueduct added to the top.

Why do bodies still use them? Because they work, they get abundant gas mileage, and they are accessible to appear by.

If you’re on the anchor for a absolutely bargain camper van, are activity with a baby group, or absolutely don’t apperception a awkward car and sleeping in tents, accede a commuter fan. The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are the two best models, mostly due to gas mileage, safety, and reliability, but any will work.

With roof racks and solid tie-down straps you can fit a agglomeration of boards on top, or if you’re traveling as two you can fit the boards in the car and beddy-bye central at night.

2020 Honda Fit Colors – 2020 Honda Fit Colors
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5 Photos of the 2020 Honda Fit Colors

5 honda fit ev | 5 honda fit release date | 5 honda fit ...5 All New Honda Fit 5 Colors Wallpaper for Honda Fit 5 ...5 Honda Fit Debuts With Five Trim Levels, New Hybrid SystemNew hybrid Honda Jazz starts at just under £5,55 HONDA FIT BLUE COLORS, PRICE AND RELEASE DATE

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