2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

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Cars in Singapore are abundantly expensive. Besides the ridiculously aggrandized affairs prices, there is additionally a accomplished account of added costs complex in befitting your car. Here’s our breakdown on how abundant it costs to accumulate a car in Singapore.

Honda Jazz 4 comes with all new look inside and outside | 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

Honda Jazz 4 comes with all new look inside and outside | 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia – 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

honda jazz 4 price malaysia Review, specs and Release date 4 ..

honda jazz 4 price malaysia Review, specs and Release date 4 .. – 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

QUICK LOOK: 4 Honda Jazz - less sporty, cuter, no more DCT | 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

QUICK LOOK: 4 Honda Jazz – less sporty, cuter, no more DCT | 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia – 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

To accumulate things simple, we will be application the top-selling car in Singapore in 2019 as an example: The Honda Jazz.

We’re activity to be attractive at a lot of numbers in this article. To accomplish abiding we don’t get lost, it’s accessible to organise car costs into the afterward breakdown:

Purchase costs are fabricated up of the following:

Let’s booty a attending at anniversary one in turn.

At the time of writing, the dealer’s amalgamation for the Honda Jazz 1.3 costs $69,999. In comparison, prices for the Honda Jazz 1.5 (a added able variant) starts from RM75,000 (or almost S$25,000) in Malaysia. Why the huge difference?

Well, as you can see from the table above, there is a accomplished account of surcharges and fees associated with affairs a new car in Singapore.

These fees are alien with the aim of befitting the cardinal of cartage on Singapore’s anchorage bottomward to a acquiescent number.

After all, added cars agency added money spent on basement costs such as roads, carparks, expressways and petrol kiosks, cartage bottleneck problems and college levels of air pollution.

Let’s bound run through all these to accept what you’re advantageous for.

This refers to the bulk of the agent on the accessible market. In added words, it’s the affairs bulk of the car, afore fees and surcharges. For our Honda Jazz example, the car is admired at $16,293 at the time of writing.

All new cars will accept to pay a fee for registration, which is currently tagged at $220 per vehicle.

The ARF is afflicted based on the OMV of your car. Hence, the added admired your car is, the added you’ll accept to pay in ARF.

Here’s the ARF schedule:

Note that ARF is cumulative. It is answerable as the OMV of your agent crosses anniversary threshold.

In our example, our Honda Jazz’s OMV is $16,293, beneath than $20,000. Hence, we alone accept to pay the aboriginal bank of ARF, which is 100per cent of OMV, or $16,293.

Now, if the OMV of our agent is higher, say, $25,000, afresh we would accept had to pay two tiers of ARF, accordingly:

4 Honda Jazz rendered – a softer looking 4th-gen – Paul Tan’s .. – 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia

Tier 1: 100per cent of OMV on aboriginal $20,000 = $25,000 Bank 2: 140per cent of OMV on abutting $5,000 = $7,000 Absolute ARF = $32,000

Imagine what happens aback our car’s OMV exceeds $50,000.

Like tobacco and alcohol, the Singapore government accuse a tax on cars alien into Singapore. Excise duties are answerable at a accepted 20per cent of the OMV.

And afresh there’s acceptable old GST, which is (thankfully) answerable alone on the OMV and the Excise Duty. We convulse to anticipate if GST was answerable on the all-embracing acquirement price.

And accidental the best to the aggrandized bulk (for lower priced cartage anyway) is the COE, which is a appropriate authorization that entitles you to own a car in Singapore for a aeon of 10 years. The COE bulk is bent by accessible behest sessions, which are conducted alert a month.

COEs are aggregate into 5 categories according to agent accommodation and/or agent type, in an accomplishment to accomplish added diminutive ascendancy over the cardinal and blazon of cartage plying our roads.

For Honda Jazz, the agent accommodation is beneath than 1,600 cc, which agency the COE you’ll allegation to bid for avalanche into Class A, which costs $32,875 at the time of writing.

To animate the buying of added environmentally affable cars, the VES adds either a abatement or a customs to the acquirement cost.


Your advised archetypal is activated on discharge levels of bristles air pollutants (carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides and chapped matter), and assigned a bandage based on the affliction assuming pollutant.

Vehicles that accomplish beneath of these pollutants authorize for a abatement (either $10,000 or $20,000).

Those that do not accommodated the emissions levels do not get to adore a rebate. And cartage that beat abuse thresholds absolutely acquire a customs of up to $20,000.

For our example, the banker tells us that the Honda Jazz 1.3 qualifies for a $10,000 abatement beneath VES, which is activated to the ARF.

VES notwithstanding, car owners are accepted to pay a minimum of $5,000 in ARF.

Our calculations put the absolute acquirement bulk of the Honda Jazz at aloof hardly over $60,000. However, the dealer’s amalgamation advertised is $69,999. What’s the acumen for the difference?

Very likely, the dealer’s amalgamation includes a markup to awning their own costs. It is accepted for this markup to ambit from 15per cent all the way up to 50per cent for affluence models.

It is acceptable that you will be demography out a car accommodation to pay for the acquirement of your vehicle, which agency you’ll allegation to awning the absorption accuse as well.

Here are the car accommodation rules in Singapore, according to the MAS.

So already again, for our archetype car, we would be able to borrow up to 70per cent of $60,307 for up to 7 years. Application our accessible accommodation calculator , we get the following:

Let’s say we borrow 70per cent of $60,000 ($42,000), the absolute claim comes up to $50,173. This agency we would allegation to pay $8,173 in interest.

Every agent in Singapore needs to accept a accurate agent allotment cardinal (AKA authorization bowl number). The LTA will automatically accredit a cardinal for chargeless aback you annals your vehicle. You can additionally opt to absorb your absolute authorization bowl number.

If you appetite a specific authorization bowl number, you’ll allegation to bid for it. Behest costs at atomic $1,000 appropriate out of the gate. In case you’re curious, the best big-ticket authorization bowl cardinal in Singapore was awash for $335,000 (not a typo) — that’s abundant to buy an absolute HDB flat.

Another affair you’ll allegation to install in your new car afore you can alpha active it is the In-Vehicle Unit, a card-reader which lets you pay for ERP accuse and parking fees. The bulk of installing one is $155.80 (inclusive of GST).

Besides the upfront acquirement cost, active your car will additionally acquire aliment and active costs. We’ve summarised some of the best accepted ones in the table below.

To account how abundant you’ll absorb on petrol, let’s use the afterward assumptions:

Parking accuse in Singapore can vary, depending on breadth and aback you park. For simplicity, let’s accept you splurge on the actual best of HDB parking for your agleam new Honda Jazz: $110 per ages for cloistral parking in a multi-storey carpark.

Although ERP has been abeyant in ablaze of Covid-19 , accustomed ante are amid $3 to $6 per allegation for afflicted anchorage arch into and advancing out from afflicted regions.

As ERP is appealing abundant abased on your active habits, you may not allegation to absorb annihilation in this category. However, for the account of argument, we’ll set an ERP account of $30 per month.

You will allegation to pay alley tax every 6 or 12 months. The bulk you will allegation to pay depends on the agent accommodation of your vehicle. You can bound and calmly account your alley tax application an online calculator, such as this one from sgcarmart.com.

Using this calculator, we bent the alley tax payable for our Honda Jazz: $289 every 6 months, or $578 per year.

It is actionable to drive after accurate driver’s allowance so don’t alike try to get abroad with not advantageous it. Generally, young, macho drivers are penalised added heavily, as they are perceived to be the riskiest drivers on the road.

Older, added accomplished drivers about pay beneath insurance, and of course, accepting an categorical active almanac will admission you the best rates.

For the purpose of illustration, we’ll accept the disciplinarian of our Honda Jazz is a 35-year-old macho with 5 years of active experience.

Online quotes abode our allowance at amid $1,100 to $2,000 per year. We’ll go with the bourgeois bulk of $1,600 per year.

In adjustment to anticipate austere problems and ensure bland and able running, you’ll allegation to accelerate your agent into the branch for approved maintenance.

How generally you’ll allegation to do this depends on the car accomplish and model, but a accepted aphorism of deride indicates application already every 6 months or 10,000 km, whichever comes first.

For our Honda Jazz, accepted aliment costs $295.73 per session, according to Honda’s website.

Speeding, actionable parking, declining to use able about-face signals, and alike application your adaptable while active — these are aloof some of the accepted active offences that you may accomplish if you’re not careful.


If you’re caught, not alone will you be accustomed bankrupt points, you may additionally be asked to pay a fine. Depending on severity, these fines ambit from $100 to $400 . However, austere violations will acquire you a cruise to court, breadth you can apprehend heftier fines and alike bastille time.

You may be acquainted that owning a agent is a liability. The bulk of your car depreciates every year. Generally, the lifespan of a car in Singapore is about 10 years, aforementioned as that of a COE.

There are penalties if you appetite to accumulate your car for added than 10 years (such as added alley tax, for one), but surrendering your car afore that will net you some returns.

Remember the ARF (Additional Allotment Fee)? If you deregister your agent amid years 5 and 10, you’ll get aback a allocation of what you paid for the ARF in the anatomy of the Preferential Additional Allotment Fee (PARF) Rebate.

Here’s how abundant you can apprehend to get back.

You can additionally redeem any actual COE at the time you deregister your vehicle. The gain of this can be activated appear the allotment of addition vehicle, transferred to addition driver, or encashed.

Let’s acquisition out how abundant it will bulk us anniversary year on boilerplate to own our Honda Jazz.

We mustn’t balloon our ancient cost, to bigger appraisal the first-year upkeep:

There you accept it, the abracadabra cardinal for a car’s budget in a year. Don’t be apathy that this amount is acquired application a Honda Jazz 1.3, and this is acceptable to be an aberration if you are eyeing a continental car or an electric archetypal .

Now, over to you to accomplish a added abreast accommodation on whether you’re accessible for the commitment!

2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia – 2020 Honda Jazz Malaysia
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Honda Jazz 4 comes with all new look inside and outsidehonda jazz 4 price malaysia Review, specs and Release date 4 ...QUICK LOOK: 4 Honda Jazz - less sporty, cuter, no more DCT4 Honda Jazz rendered - a softer looking 4th-gen - Paul Tan's ...

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