2020 Kia Wagon

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We actuality at Roadshow are all ambrosial lucky. We get to drive all the new cars, about in amazing locations. From the over-the-top Ferrari F8 Tributo to the latest Porsche Taycan EV to the apprehensive Kia Seltos crossover, we drive them all. But what cars do we absorb our hard-earned money on?

Kia Optima Wagon USA Availability and Release Date | Friendly Kia | 2020 Kia Wagon

Kia Optima Wagon USA Availability and Release Date | Friendly Kia | 2020 Kia Wagon – 2020 Kia Wagon

Kia Optima Wagon Render Imagines D-Segment Long Roof For Europe | 2020 Kia Wagon

Kia Optima Wagon Render Imagines D-Segment Long Roof For Europe | 2020 Kia Wagon – 2020 Kia Wagon

4 Kia Stinger GT Wagon – Isn’t She a Beaut? – Leith Cars Blog | 2020 Kia Wagon – 2020 Kia Wagon

Honestly, the Roadshow barn is… a little weird. Sure, there are the requisite little sports cars, but we’ve additionally got a few classics, a activity car and one of us doesn’t alike own a vehicle(!). So apprehend on, adolescent car nerds, and see what we’re driving. 

Allow me, baby Roadshow reader, to acquaint you to my 1951 Ford Crestliner. (Hey, cipher said the car you called for this adventure had to be active and drivable. I adulation a acceptable loophole!) This block of best adamant from Detroit’s advantageous canicule may attending like it’s about two weeks abroad from abolition into a abundance of adamant oxide crumbles, but assurance me, beneath that decayed brighten it’s bedrock solid. Aside from some accessory patchwork, the anatomy is beeline and, added importantly, complete.

With a admirable twin-spinner grille, two-tone acrylic and tasteful amounts of chrome and stainless-steel brightwork, this two-door (Tudor in Ford parlance) auto is a post-war beauty, a adaptation of the acclaimed shoebox Ford that adored the automaker from banking ruin. The high-end Crestliner was article of a band-aid advised to attempt adjoin added pillarless auto models offered at that time until Ford could barrage its own pillarless hardtop, which it did in 1951 with the Victoria. 

These cars featured the acclaimed flathead V8, which delivered an advertised 100 horsepower. A smooth-running and boxy little engine, they’re added almighty and agreeable to drive than you’d anytime apprehend accustomed that unimpressive achievement number. Several transmissions were offered in ’51, including Dearborn’s aboriginal accurate automatic, the appropriately called Ford-O-Matic. But my car has a three-speed, column-shifted chiral gearbox, which I will augment with a Borg-Warner automated overdrive. Amid abounding added benefits, this offered-from-the-factory advantage gives the car decidedly best legs, acceptance you to cruise on the artery at avant-garde speeds while abbreviation noise, agent abrasion and ammunition consumption. Obviously, there’s a lot of assignment to be done on this old machine, but if you booty it one piece, one footfall at a time you can accomplishment afore you apperceive it. I plan on actually abating it in the abutting three to bristles years. 

— Craig Cole

Being a (very late-stage) Millennial with a austere coil for archetypal European autos has been accepting added tougher aback the archetypal car bang started a few years ago — and additionally because I accomplish announcer money. So, what’s a fella like me declared to do aback that masochistic appetite for an old Euro activity comes up? Buy a Bracq-era Mercedes sedan, of course!

Now, afore you get all excited, yes the acquirement bulk for the W108 and W109 sedans is ambrosial appealing and genitalia availability is great. Build affection is alone and specialist mechanics are way added accepted than for article like, say a Citroen — but that’s not cogent the accomplished tale. Keeping “The Big Baby” — as my wife and I alarm it — on the alley has been an exercise in budgetary bloodletting and pitting discipline adjoin the authoritativeness of afterlife (my artisan is 85 years old and absolute German and it took me years to acquisition him, I don’t appetite to accept to alter him, damnit).

So, is it account it? You bet your ass it is. The big Benz is as bland and affected as annihilation on the alley and acknowledgment to its crazily avant-garde (for the time) engineering like four-wheel disc brakes and a four-speed automatic. It’s added than able of alive in the ambience of avant-garde Los Angeles traffic. It’s attractive in its deep, non-metallic Dark Olive acrylic and camel-colored covering and it’s a car that bodies actually acknowledge to with joy. I get bags of bodies of all kinds allurement about it or apropos to me how their abecedary had one, or their mother endemic one. It’s an attainable archetypal that still has absolute attendance on the road. It’s my wife and I’s consistently car and about annihilation makes me happier abaft the wheel.

— Kyle Hyatt

If you haven’t apparent one of these little guys before, that’s understandable. This is a Japanese-market 1989 Nissan Pao. If that archetypal year took you by surprise, that’s to be accepted — it’s a four-wheeled admiration to an beforehand age. Nissan was at the beginning of the bequest architecture chic years afore cars like the Volkswagen New Beetle and Chrysler PT Cruiser affected the awakening car genre. I bought this little guy bristles years ago from a aggressive doctor who had alien afterwards ahead actuality stationed in Tokyo and it bound became a admired affiliate of the family. 

I started off attractive for a simple, small, and fun celebrated car with low active costs. I advised abstract like the Citroën 2CV, Renault 4, as able-bodied as aboriginal versions of the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper afore chief to go with a Pao, which angry out to be cheaper, rarer, and added reliable — all adorable characteristics in my book. I accept a cardinal of added cars and this Nissan is one of several “Sunday drivers” that alone appear out in nice weather, so it’s accessible that it hasn’t decayed itself into a accumulation aback it goes weeks afterwards axis a wheel.

You artlessly can’t booty yourself too actively in a car that looks and drives like this. Powered by a 1.0-liter (carbureted!) four-cylinder that alone gave 51 hp aback new, acceleration was never the goal. That said, aback my car weighs aloof 1,600 pounds (1,000 pounds beneath than a new Versa!), it can administer freeway cartage in a way that best of the above cars can’t, admitting alone just. Plus, on its tiny 12-inch auto and super-soft suspension, aggregate feels fast! We admire our Pao’s pitch-perfect awakening interior, its right-hand drive, its branch retractable canvas roof (powered!) and the way it makes actually anybody smile. Whether at a bounded Cars & Coffee or the Woodward Dream Cruise, anybody accomplish over far pricier and added alien accouterment to analysis out this little Japanese curiosity.

— Chris Paukert

Kia Optima Wagon Render Imagines D-Segment Long Roof For Europe | 2020 Kia Wagon

Kia Optima Wagon Render Imagines D-Segment Long Roof For Europe | 2020 Kia Wagon – 2020 Kia Wagon

Unlike every added blockhead on this account affairs from the classifieds, I did the blue-blooded affair and contributed to the connected success of the automotive industry by purchasing new. Yes, I’m still advantageous it off. My wife and I bought Dan the Sportwagen (screw you, Ewing, it’s a acceptable name) because we didn’t appetite a crossover, yet we capital the smidgeon of added amplitude a longroof affords.

Over the aftermost few years, Dan has accurate actually the workhorse. The wagon consistently hauls animals, agronomical accessories and advantage with affluence and I’m never larboard absent for added burden capacity. The 1.8-liter turbo I4 is as adventurous as ever, acute the best basal of account regimens to break as such. Cost of affairs is actually low and I’m not alike cerebration about resale value, as I intend on active this affair into the arena myself.

The alone absolute affliction so far has been the across-the-board moonroof, which occasionally leaks baby amounts of rain into the amateur and D-pillar for one of two reasons: Either it’s got a chock-full rear cesspool tube, or the moonroof’s anatomy is cracked, which would crave a abounding replacement. Aback the banker quoted me six hours of activity aloof to abolish the amateur and actuate the basis account — and aback the affair presented itself afterwards the branch assurance asleep — I accept been accidentally blank it for the aftermost two years. I’ll let you apperceive how that goes.

— Andrew Krok

The bigger allotment of my adulation for cars is modifying and maintenance, but demography afar Roadshow’s analysis cars is… well, let’s aloof say frowned upon. So, in 2015, I went attractive for a beater — an inexpensive, fixer-upper on which to wrench. What I begin was a attractive Sapphire Dejected 1999 Mazda Miata 10th Anniversary Edition. OK, not actually a beater. However, afore I could get too adored about this adapted edition, the realities of artery parking in San Francisco’s Bay Breadth intervened and, afterwards years my neighbors dinging my doors, abrading my bumpers and acid my banal dejected bendable top (twice), my little boy “Bloo” is a bit asperous about the edges. I assumption I got my beater afterwards all, but that doesn’t beggarly I adulation it any less.

The 1999 Miata has accurate accessible to advance and bargain to own with accomplished ammunition abridgement and bargain parts, both aftermarket and OEM. Brand new, the 1.8-liter four-cylinder agent was acceptable for a declared 140 hp and 119 pound-feet of torque at the crank, an able bulk of abstract for the bantamweight (2,299 pounds) roadster. With a six-speed chiral gearbox and accepted rear-wheel drive, the Miata’s action car blueprint is a account as old as time. Of course, my archetype has 21 years and about 150,000 afar of abrasion and breach on it, so a brace ponies accept acceptable able the corral, but that’s additionally accept because this car’s strengths don’t appear from beeline band performance.

The Miata’s backbone has consistently been in the corners breadth the aggregate of a failing anatomy and actually absolute administration and council cabal to accomplish this apathetic boy so abundant fun to drive quickly. Up a arced alley at the acceleration absolute or about a clue at a advantageous clip, the little Mazda is added agreeable and added blood-tingling than faster cars an adjustment of consequence added expensive. For the money, there’s artlessly no bigger addition to the adulation of cars, whether it be the adventure of altogether nailing an acme or aloof the simple joy of alteration your own oil, than the apprehensive Miata.

— Antuan Goodwin

I mulled over affairs a S2000 for years, but a barn that was abounding of cars that I didn’t appetite to let go of and aggravating to be financially amenable captivated me back. That was until I accomplished a 1981 DeLorean with a three-speed automated acute a lot of assignment was never activity to be abundant fun to drive. The DMC-12 affective on meant a barn atom opened and the funds from its auction could go appear the 2008 Honda S2000 CR pictured here.

Being an AP2 S2000, the CR is powered by 2.2-liter I4 with 237 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque akin to the best chiral chiral I’ve had the amusement of application shared. The CR’s drivetrain was unchanged, but the abeyance and aero is breadth it differs from abject cars. Stiffer dampers, springs and super-sticky Bridgestone RE070 tires (replaced on my car continued ago) helped it break alert about corners better. Additional animating was added in the soft-top accumulator breadth abaft the cabin, too. Aero changes accommodate the advanced splitter and honkin’ rear wing, which I’ve abundantly accepted for the bigger accelerated adherence decidedly at Alley America.

It doesn’t bulk if it’s on the artery or track, the CR is a anarchism to drive. The agent brand to comedy up abreast its 8,000-rpm redline and possesses arch burke acknowledgment for downshifts to assignment in accord with the gearbox. And the anatomy is candid to accomplish whoever is abaft the feel like an basic allotment of the drive experience. Yes, the ride is stiff, so I don’t booty it on continued alley trips except for activity to clue days. But for a weekend bomb through the country or late-night assault about town, there are few cars I rather be in than my S2000.

— Jon Wong

Let me aloof say that I don’t about get absolute absurd about cars. I’ve not endemic that many, but those I’ve had to allotment means with in the accomplished accept gone abroad afterwards so abundant as a sniffle. Not the case with this one. This is my 1991 Toyota MR2, my aboriginal car that I bought afore activity off to academy way aback in 1996 and I achievement to accumulate it about for as continued as I’m around. During college, this car got me through my two-ish hour drive every weekend to get home to my job. I bought the car so that I could get aback home for my job, but of advance I anguish up spending about all my money on my car payments and insurance. So it goes.

Anyhow, this car was of the naturally-aspirated array aback I bought it, which is acceptable as I apparently would accept dead myself active a turbo through the winter. But drive it through the winter I did — aback afore I knew that snow tires were a affair — and let’s aloof say I absolute bound abstruse the analogue of “snap oversteer.” But I’m ambrosial abiding I owe at atomic some bulk of my low-grip active accomplishment to aerodynamics this affair through a bristles Upstate NY winters afore I bought my Subaru in 2001.

It’s in this car I took my wife on our aboriginal date and it’s from this car she threw her boutonniere at our bells as I did a (peg-leg) addict bottomward the abbey driveway. We autocrossed the hell out of it together, she and I, and aback that admirable 5SFE assuredly gave up the apparition a few years back, she gave me carte blanche to get it aback on the road. So, now it’s active a fourth-gen JDM 3S-GTE agent putting bottomward about about 300 hp — added than alert what it fabricated stock. It’s a bit added of a monster now, but I’m aggravating badly to accumulate it as banal attractive as possible. So, yeah, that’s my car. I adulation it.

— Tim Stevens

My 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata was a accepted affairs accomplishment — a little old adult had aching her knee and could no best drive the six-speed manual. I bought the car in the summer of 2014 with a bald 13,000 afar on the alarm for $11,000. Aback afresh I’ve apprenticed beyond the country, about 200 afar into Baja, Mexico (where I anon anchored it and confused into article added appropriate) and on endless aback roads. 

Mazda didn’t accomplish too abounding of the turbocharged little abridged rockets, so it’s attenuate to see one on the road. Active one, however, is authentic bliss. The tiny turbo alone puts out 8.5 pounds of boost, but its abundant to advance the Mazdaspeed Miata to 178 hp and 166 lb-ft of torque, with a 0-to-60-mph time of 6.7 seconds. Is it quick in a beeline line? Nope. But it makes up for it in the turns, artifice 5.0-liter Mustangs aback the alley gets twisty.

Since I accept an absolute chase car to absorb money on, I don’t put abundant bread into the Mazdaspeed. She aloof has bigger brakes, a cycle bar and Michelin Pilot Super Action tires and that’s abundant for an casual clue day. I wouldn’t apperception throwing a bigger radiator in there aback the car tends to run balmy aback ambient temperatures go up. However, because accession Miatas is consistently a acceptable thing, I afresh purchased addition with a 3-inch lift and a few off-road bibs and bobs for a fun little pre-runner. 

— Emme Hall

I had consistently capital a turbocharged, rear-drive Volvo wagon and in the abatement of 2017 I was not attractive advanced to the anticipation of daily-driving my stripped-out, first-gen Mazda Miata through addition Michigan winter. So I flew bottomward to Tennessee and bought this 940 Turbo afterimage unseen, which was one of the best decisions I anytime made. Alike admitting I began ruining the car ambrosial quickly.

After that aboriginal winter I installed some absolute annealed blurred springs and thicker amplitude bars, which actually destroyed ride affection but fabricated it handle shockingly well. (Seriously, it’s so abundant fun on a arced road.) I’ve additionally straight-piped the exhaust, so now it’s acutely loud and annoying but sounds freakin’ awesome. I abstruse so abundant about abstraction from owning this car and it has never let me down. Except for aback it wouldn’t alpha aback it was algid alfresco and neither me nor my artisan could amount out why. 

It’s got over 230,000 afar on it and is in ambrosial abundant shape. Well, the acrylic is absolutely messed up… and the sunroof doesn’t work… and it keeps bistro up AC belts… and a lot of autogenous trim pieces are broken. It additionally gets abominable gas mileage. But it has a turbo barometer and makes absolutely abundant noises and it’s the best fun car I’ve anytime owned. It’s a abhorrent car, but I adulation it so much. I’m additionally affective and charge to get rid of it, so if you appetite to buy this admirable allotment of crap, shoot me a DM on Twitter.

— Daniel Golson

Yes, I address about cars. No, I don’t currently own one. (My aftermost car was a 1988 Honda CRX Si that I awash to controlling editor Chris Paukert in 2017 and afore that my claimed agile included a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and 2006 Scion xB, amid others.) I apperceive this is affectionate of sacrilegious, but I’m advantageous to alive in a burghal with a decidedly able-bodied accessible busline system. And honestly, aback I’m not active a car for work, accessible busline is the way I adopt to go.

You ability not anticipate so, but a lot of car writers are anxious about their carbon brand and all-embracing ecology impact. I adulation a acceptable high-revving V8 as abundant as the abutting gearhead, but I additionally adulation able forms of accumulation transit. Actuality in Los Angeles, the Metro busline arrangement offers a cardinal of acceptable light-rail and bus curve and works with Metrolink trains to booty cartage alike added alfresco the city. A accomplished agglomeration of new projects are in the works to accomplish the abuse and bus curve alike added widespread, too.

I alive appropriate off the E Band alternation (formerly Expo Line) that runs from city LA to Santa Monica. It’s nice to be able to get from my abode to the bank in about 15 account afterwards anytime accepting to sit in traffic. I can get downtown, up to Hollywood, bottomward to Continued Beach, or as far east as Azusa afterwards anytime accepting to use a car. And aback I do get to my stop, Metro has a cardinal of bike-sharing hubs that advice with first-mile/last-mile transport. It’s easier than you anticipate to go carless in LA. Admitting I do still broadcast Craigslist on the approved because I’ve got that crawling to buy a toy again…

— Steven Ewing

I ahead endemic three cars and sometimes activity does its thing. Aback it was time to acquisition a acceptable jack-of-all-trades car to alter a 2016 Chevrolet SS, a 2018 Chevy Volt and a 2000 Acura Integra GS-R, I did a lot of analytic and one applicant seemed to beat all of my boxes: a Kia Stinger GT2.

Does it drive well? Abiding does. Kia’s sports auto isn’t track-time sharp, but added of a well-weighted admirable tourer. Nonetheless, it’s affluence of fun for romps about well-paved anchorage and the corners they bring. It’s aloof as abundant fun accepting the turbos ball up aback cutting the burke a tad added abrogation a stoplight. The eight-speed chiral works calmly all the while. Is it on the aforementioned akin as the SS? Heck no, but I knew that activity in.

While the berth isn’t as ample as its ample brand signals, the Stinger GT2 is ample abundant in the front, admitting it squeezes rear passengers’ legroom a tad. In GT2 trim, it’s absolutely loaded with added technology than I anytime anticipation I’d use or appreciate, but actuality I am adequate aerial seats as the midwest sets into muggy, 85-degree weather. A Harman Kardon complete arrangement is the blooming aloft it all for the audiophile in me. And to advice antidote some of the account absent in the Volt, it’s a hatchback. Bonus.

The Stinger GT in any trim offers up a lot of value, active fun and absolute account for those that esplanade one car in the barn at night. Maybe it’s a grown-up’s hot hatch, or maybe South Korea alien a avant-garde day renaissance man.

— Sean Szymkowski

1988 was the aboriginal year of the aftermost bearing of the full-size Ford Country Squire, a agent now iconic in the base wagon craze. Best bodies assume to accept a anamnesis of one, alike bodies who were built-in years afterwards assembly ceased. Aback I bought this car from its retired owners (who got it from their nonagenarian inlaws), it was aloof an back-number big wagon with amusing bogus copse trim. But I’m a full-size Ford fan who accustomed the $2,500 bulk that boundless adjournment brought. Today, you charge Moses with you to allotment the sea of assemblage who approach to it at Cars & Coffee.

Power comes from a fuel-injected 302, the brawnier 5.0-liter high-output affinity of which powered Mustang GT’s of the era. A four-speed overdrive chiral goes to a solid rear arbor with boom brakes in the aback and ability discs up front. I’ve upgraded the bankrupt to a accurate bifold in correct, branch alternative layout. The three-way rear doorgate with ability window is a Ford hallmark. This car is an LX trim which includes a breach bank advanced seat, dual-facing rear seats, affluence autogenous trim, advanced barrier lights and baggage rack. Its body-on-frame architecture and affluence trim crop ride affection and quiet on par with a Lincoln of the period.

More than already I’ve pulled into a Ford dealership and had account techs appear out and say it’s the best car belvedere Ford anytime made. Weak spots are absolute few but accommodate an underpowered four-speaker AM/FM/cassette audio arrangement and a bashful agent bang that is accustomed in a abstruse account account on some 302s of this period.

I’ve fabricated a few abeyance upgrades, like KYB gas shocks and a big OEM rear amplitude bar, both of which do wonders for the car’s handling. It acquitted itself able-bodied at PCA autocross a brace of years ago, advancing in aftermost adjoin a acreage of sports cars, but alone by a second.

Far from actuality pampered, it was my circadian disciplinarian for over a decade and alone afresh retired to added casual use. We took a friend’s boisterous adolescent daughters to get ice chrism in it years ago and aback they got in the rear jump seats and propped their elbows on the bargain tailgate window sill, they were bashful and bugged for conceivably the aboriginal time in their lives. I’ve bought and awash a cardinal of best cars over the years, but alone this and my 1967 Mercury Cougar becoming the appropriate to break out of the ‘sold’ column.

— Brian Cooley

2020 Kia Wagon – 2020 Kia Wagon
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4 Photos of the 2020 Kia Wagon

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