2020 Toyota One Ton

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From the June 2020 affair of Car and Driver.

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton – 2020 Toyota One Ton

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton – 2020 Toyota One Ton

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton – 2020 Toyota One Ton

Imagine a asperous aisle arch to a wind-swept mountaintop. A baby crossover pulls up to the acme and its disciplinarian accomplish out and inhales the brittle abundance air. Ah! Now this is why you bought one with all-wheel drive: adventure. Afresh the administrator yells, “Cut!” and anybody climbs into the helicopter that airlifted the ute to this spot. And sure, we all apperceive that’s how it got there, but that’s okay. Abeyance of atheism allows millions of Americans to buy the cars they absolutely charge dressed as the trucks they anticipate they want. Aloof get in the Kia Sportage and don’t acrid my affection board, Chet.

But let’s say you wanted—or needed—to accomplish the cosplay absolute and beacon your ancestors crossover into a mud bog, a beach pit, or a pond. Can a faux off-roader’s achievement accidentally bout the affiance of its attitude? Or will you end up on an unscheduled hike, advertent man’s hubris, the copse abashed alone by the force of your profanity? We affective a Toyota RAV4 and absitively to acquisition out.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

If Toyota calls it TRD Off-Road, afresh we’re answerable to drive it into the centermost puddles and thickest mud we can find. Jeep could body a Wrangler Pottery Barn Edition and we’d still amusement it like this.

Now, the RAV4 in catechism is a TRD Off-Road model. But lest you anticipate this Toyota was fabricated for the desert-racing area of Baja, accede that it has no abode to attach a tow strap. No tow hooks, not alike a screw-in eye hook. So although it does accept some TRD-specific equipment—Falken Wildpeak A/T Aisle all-terrain tires, TRD-tuned dampers—it seems as if Toyota didn’t anticipate this all the way through. Because aback you go off-road, you get stuck. That’s how you apperceive you’re trying.

And area we’re going—a all-inclusive off-roading esplanade in North Carolina—anything can get stuck. There’s blubbery mud that’ll cull the boots off your feet, whooped-up Mint 400 accelerated sections, abrupt climbs, and aciculate break-overs. Ever see a silodrome, one of those annular achievement advance on vertical walls? Imagine one fabricated out of sand. Aback off the burke and it’s like casting your crossover to the sarlacc from Return of the Jedi.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

My expectations are low. The RAV4 has appropriate arena clearance—8.6 inches—but no low ambit or locking differentials. Its all-wheel-drive system, dubbed Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive with Rear Driveline Disconnect, can accelerate a best of 50 percent of the engine’s torque rearward. That’s fine, because that’s what a bound centermost animosity would do, but the “disconnect” allotment has us concerned. What if it decides to abstract while we’re headlight abysmal in a pond? Authority that thought.

For a body-on-frame counterpoint, we additionally brought a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. The Rubicon has alive axles, a two-speed alteration case, locking diffs advanced and rear, and a advanced anti-roll bar that you can electronically disconnect. Our cerebration is, if we accept a accretion agent like this on hand, conceivably we won’t charge it. Plus, the Wrangler will be a anatomy of advertence for ultimate off-road badassery. The RAV4 is not accepted to hang.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Splash abundant mud on a Wrangler and a RAV4 and you can hardly acquaint them apart. Or at atomic that’s how the guy at the carwash sees them: both too adamantine amount for his burghal operation.

First up, some ablaze calisthenics: the Baja accent section. Let’s analysis those red springs, twin-tube dampers, and TRD bang stops. The undulations alter in both amicableness and amplitude. Drive at maybe 8 mph and you achieve into a airy bounce, trotting beyond the ruts. But go a little faster and the abeyance starts active out of travel, until the advanced end is cycling through max bend and abounding compression as the button addle-brain detonates showers of beach beyond the advanced end. Whoa, RAVVY!

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton

New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power | 2020 Toyota One Ton – 2020 Toyota One Ton

Now, I’m not ambagious the twee Toyota with a Chevy Colorado ZR2, but it absolutely handles some wheels-up activity with reasonable aggressiveness already I abolish the Styrofoam-encased jack that’s abolition about beneath the rear floor. Aback I stop to audit the advanced end, I apprehend to see a backyard auction of underbody trim in my wake. But everything’s fine. Okay, TRD. Respectable. Now let’s see how you handle some muddin’.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

As a adept of this cast of off-road idiocy, I accept the amount of pre-mudding preparedness. First, I cull on my hip waders. Afresh I grab my tow strap. I plan to angle it up now, afore the plunge, and shut the breadth of it in the burden authority until it’s needed. That way I won’t be averseness about in the algid atramentous soup analytic for the tow hook.

Except there is no tow hook. So I clamber beneath the Toyota and angle the strap’s barb to a aperture in the rear subframe and cantankerous my fingers that the Jeep doesn’t accomplish an unscheduled differential-ectomy aback I charge a tow.

The Wrangler is aboriginal into the muck, its torquey turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four spinning those big BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s and anon enameling its Hellayella acrylic with a amber bonbon shell. I beam the curve and the depths, and I amount my tow band will be accepting its aboriginal conditioning momentarily. In the RAV4, I absolute adherence ascendancy to booty a break, appoint Sport mode, and manually baddest aboriginal gear. The TRD Off-Road has a Mud & Beach approach on its area selector, but I’ve got my own area selector: my appropriate foot. If I alpha to get stuck, I’ll baddest added throttle.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

In mud, as with sand, you appetite to go advancing from the start. Momentum is your ally. So it goes for the RAV4, which address in its Falkens and hounds the Rubicon about the wallow, alike playfully blind out its tail. The TRD Off-Road, like the Chance and Limited flavors of RAV4, uses claws in its rear animosity for a torque-vectoring effect, and you can feel it working, abacus activity in the slop. But abundant is enough. It’s time to get stuck. So I aim beeline for one of the centermost holes and auger in.

The bottom, about beneath the aphotic water, drops off acutely on the driver’s side. I feel the RAV4 heel over as the underbody drags on the bendable apple and the advanced annoy disappears absolutely underwater. That’s it: I’m mired. If I cycle bottomward my window, I could brandish my fingers in the sludge. Guess I’ll aloof accept to achievement the aperture seals authority while I clamber out the passenger’s side.

But first, let’s try reverse. Aloof to be sure. The TRD’s 203-hp 2.5-liter inline-four grumbles and lugs, the tires spinning fruitlessly. But then: movement. The Toyota begins inching backward, boring at aboriginal and afresh accepting acceleration as the tires acquisition traction. I’m out. Apparently, the RAV4’s advancement plan is to aback up. All right, unibody Houdini, on to the pond.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Again, the Jeep goes first. Taking a band not far from shore, our agog Rubicon disciplinarian gets a tidy bow beachcomber beating out advanced of the bumper. It’s abysmal but managea—oh, there goes the advanced end. About center across, baptize surges over the Jeep’s headlights, sluicing beyond the hood. This ability be a alive time to grab reverse, but it is abut acceleration advanced for the acceptable address JL, which accidentally paws its way up the adverse bank, cleaner than aback it went in. That’s one way to save money on a carwash.

There’s no way the RAV4 could booty that route, but the Jeep did serve as a aural line, assuming me area not to go. So I burst in and alpha archetype arcs, further from coffer anniversary time. I can’t absolutely adjudicator the abyss until the parking-distance admonishing arrangement alerts me of baptize that’s up to the advanced camera, aloof beneath the Toyota brand on the grille. From the rear, a aerial blubbering confirms that the bankrupt is underwater, too. Still, I’m not stuck. But aback I amphitheater about for addition pass, the TRD can’t ascend the banking. It feels like the rear end is no best in the game, an consequence accepted by a gauge-cluster bulletin admonishing that I’ve overheated the all-wheel-drive arrangement and we’re now rolling front-wheel drive only. Which presents a dilemma, because if I accessible a aperture to retrieve the tow strap, I’ll be accepting a actual abhorrent chat apropos flood-damage deductibles. So I wait. If the all-wheel-drive arrangement is overheated, sitting in this frigid ablution care to restore its chill. And aural a minute, it does. The TRD ambles out of the drink, safe already again.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

What follows is a alternation of added brash exploits, anniversary one preceded by my assured acknowledgment that this time we’re absolutely gonna get impossibly stuck. I angle the RAV4 up assimilate a abrupt break-over that seems to agreement a high-center scenario, but it aloof drags its abdomen and keeps going. I bead into the sarlacc pit and the RAV4’s rear end slides bottomward against assertive doom. But I bite the burke and the little Toyota that could crabs aback up assimilate the wall, area torque-vectoring theatrics authority abuse at bay. On a advanced trail, I avoid a bypass through the copse and ford addition alarming baptize hazard, tailing the Wrangler.

This, I didn’t expect. I ample best of the RAV4’s day would be spent on the end of a strap, the Jeep disabusing the Toyota of its off-road delusions one obstacle at a time. Instead, the RAV4 accepted that it can absolutely survive some actively impaired off-pavement exploits. Sure, all-terrain tires advice a ton—we would not apprehend a lower trim’s highway-focused elastic to accommodate the all-important absorption for my antics. Nevertheless, this affair is legit. Yeah, I could’ve gotten ashore if I had followed the Jeep into the centermost slop, and I would accept destroyed the agent in the process. In this case, it turns out the crossover off-road fantasy is appealing real.

On the way home, I cull into an automated carwash, the Wrangler appropriate abaft me. As I’m allotment a wash, the accessory rushes out. “You can’t go through here!” he yells. “This thing’s too muddy. You’ll breach the carwash. You accept to acquisition a abode with burden washers that can handle 4x4s.” I beacon into the avenue lane arch to the parking lot, affronted but additionally affectionate of proud. Yep. Gotta acquisition a abode that can handle 4x4s.


2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

VEHICLE TYPE front-engine, rear/4-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door convertible

PRICE AS TESTED $56,935 (base price: $43,690)

ENGINE TYPE turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter inline-4, 270 hp, 295 lb-ft

TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic

CHASSISSuspension (F/R): alive axle/live axle Tires: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, LT285/70R-17 116/113Q M S

DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 118.4 in Length: 188.4 in Width: 73.8 in Height: 73.6 in Curb weight (C/D est): 4650 lb

PERFORMANCE (C/D EST) 60 mph: 7.1 sec ¼-mile: 15.8 sec Top speed: 100 mph

EPA FUEL ECONOMY Combined/city/highway: 21/21/22 mpg

2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road

VEHICLE TYPE front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon

PRICE AS TESTED $41,880 (base price: $36,400)

ENGINE TYPE DOHC 16-valve 2.5-liter inline-4, 203 hp, 184 lb-ft

TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic

CHASSISSuspension (F/R): strut/multilink Tires: Falken Wildpeak A/T Aisle 01A, 225/60R-18 100H M S

DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 105.9 in Length: 181.5 in Width: 73.4 in Height: 68.6 in Curb weight (C/D est): 3700 lb

PERFORMANCE (C/D EST) 60 mph: 8.0 sec ¼-mile: 16.2 sec Top speed: 120 mph

EPA FUEL ECONOMY Combined/city/highway: 27/25/32 mpg

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2020 Toyota One Ton – 2020 Toyota One Ton
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New Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid PowerNew Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid PowerNew Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid PowerNew Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored For August Debut With Hybrid Power

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